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An AI virtual assistant with speech recognition to boost up your productivity
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Artificial Intelligence is no longer a science-fiction fantasy. Braina (Brain Artificial) software is a good example of how AI is becoming more and more powerful in our lives in a way that not necessarily involves robots or oversized computer systems. This nice and useful tool will resolve all your doubts and help improve the productivity by assisting you in any tasks you are set to do and providing you with useful tools that will greatly save the time.

You can write your questions or express them verbally in any of the nearly 50 languages Braina speaks. All the most widely used languages are the part of the program’s speech recognition support which really sets Braina apart from many of its competitors. Speech recognition allows you not only to send commands or comments to Braina instead of typing them with your keyboard (a very useful feature in itself, especially when using the program in small portable devices), but also lets you dictate full texts to it, use the commands provided to move to the next line, delete text and characters, insert a space or a tab. Speech recognition will also turn your smartphone or tablet into a microphone through which you can send commands to Braina over a Wi-Fi network and thus control your computer wirelessly. The program can also perform the inverse action – read aloud any text on the screen thanks to its text-to-speech support.

Braina is a fairly clever little thing in itself, but as all AI-based technologies, it learns from experience and grows wiser every time you use it. You can also feed its unquenchable appetite for knowledge with the documents you’re working on, and thus make sure that you’re both speaking the same language.

Braina is also useful in assisting you in various minor tasks. You can use its notes, alarms, and reminders to never forget an important date, meeting, or assignment. Its taking calculator will help you perform basic operations and solve most of your math-related doubts by answering questions such as “is X divisible by Y?” or “is X a prime number?” Braina is also a comprehensive dictionary and thesaurus and can also look for information on specific topics by performing all the necessary searches on Bing, Yahoo!, or Google. The program has also direct access to most of the most frequently provided by your PC tools and features – by clicking on the right menu option you can tell Braina to open the task manager, the system information, search for a file or folder, or show you the mouse properties. You can even make Skype calls directly from Braina!

Despite all its many abilities and skills, Braina is not one of those “all work and no play” tools – you can also listen to your favorite music and watch all types of video files without leaving Braina. If you don’t have them on your PC, you can ask Braina to look them up for you on different sites, like YouTube, for instance.

To conclude, I would say that Braina is a revolutionary tool and the virtual personal assistant that will change whatever ideas you had about Artificial Intelligence before.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports all the most widely used languages
  • Straightforward functionality
  • Speech recognition support
  • Learns from experience and from your documents


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